Study shows TissueBlue easily and selectively stains the ILM

Articles - 2020-05-03

In the present study, a low dose of BBG (0.25 mg/mL) was found to selectively stain the ILM safely and with ease. BBG has a number of advantages over other dyes such as ICG and TB. BBG is easier to handle than both ICG and TB because it is produced in a granular form that can be easily dissolved with intraocular irrigating solution alone and subsequently sterilized with a syringe filter. When compared with saline or intraocular irrigating solution, the osmolarity and pH of the BBG solution are very stable. The ILM staining pattern produced by the BBG solution was similar to that produced by the ICG solution. However, because BBG is not a fluorescent dye, there is little possibility of light toxicity such as that produced with ICG. Besides, no additional techniques such as fluid–gas exchange, which TB use requires, are needed for BBG staining.